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Center for Autism
Awareness and Support


About Center for Autism Awareness and Support

Our Mission

To be a center where children with autism, ASD, or other developmental challenges are accepted for who they are and where their learning and care are a priority. To facilitate each person to attain their full potential through excellence in care, therapy, advocacy and support. To be an organization that invests in each child’s development while not contributing to any child’s trauma.
To create a partnership with caregivers by coordination of care, learning opportunities in methods used at CAAS, unfailing and nonjudgmental support and open dialogue in their journey to provide the best care for their child.
To become a steadfast partner and resource within our community and remain available to any individual or entity for consultation, dialogue and support as we further community understanding of and compassion for children with autism.

Image by Hannah Busing

Our Values


We believe in honoring the dignity and self-worth of others and celebrating their differences.


 We demonstrate a sincere attitude of caring for our clients by responding to them compassionately and professionally. 


We promote integrity through honesty and openness in conversation and conduct. We also hold to the highest ethical standards of our profession, which is reflected in our care and therapy. We consistently and openly communicate expectations, respect for individuals, and fairness in our actions. This integrity is foundational to who we are and permeates through all we do.


We provide a constructive and encouraging environment that fosters growth and confidence. Choose kindness.


We work as a team at all levels, recognizing and collaborating with each other towards the same goal by sparking creativity and advancement.

Our Vision

To improve every client’s quality of life and help them learn the skills needed to live fulfilling, independent lives.

 You are not alone on this journey; let Center for Autism Awareness and Support, LLC (CAAS) help your child achieve their dreams.

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2907 Clearwater Road, Suite 100, St Cloud, MN, 56301


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